Fan Coils


Warm in winter, cool in summer, in complete silence, with a unique design!

The AirLeaf DC inverter fan coil unit is an all-in-one solution for heating, cooling and dehumidification. It enables excellent energy saving as it can be coupled to low temperature heat generators such as heat pumps, condensing boilers and systems with built-in solar collectors. With its' sophisticated temperature regulator, AirLeaf guarantees all season comfort. It heats and cools extremely quickly, and once the desired temperature is reached it maintains it precisely and silently. Its attractive design and slimness (just 129mm deep) means it can blend into any kind of setting and home.

While heating, AirLeaf develops an effective natural convection heating effect (similar to a radiator) which considerably reduces the need to activate ventilation.

Airleaf has a wide and articulated product range:

  • 6 product families: SL (standard), SLS (standard with low height), RS (with front heating function), RSI (concealed with front heating effect), SLSI (concealed with low height).
  • 5 different capacities
  • 2 designs (front grill and and front motorized “full flat”)
  • 2 colours (white RAL 9003 and silver) – any special RAL colour can be made on demand.
  • 2 and 4 pipes versions.

Airleaf is equipped with the newest DC Inverter technology that, regulated through PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), eliminates any type of vibrations, reduces energy consumption from 30% to 50% and increases the fan range of modulation (from 10% to 100% of max fan speed).

The operating principle is based on micro fans, with very low energy consumption and minimum noise, that absorb heat from the battery and deliver it to the inside surface of the front panel, heating it up. The fancoil can deliver a consistent heating capacity even with the main fan turned off.


An air curtain that counteracts and neutralises the heat of summer and cold currents

In many architectonic situations, for example with ceiling windows and large sliding doors, it is important to counteract the summer heat that is diffused into the room, or the cold streams that appear on the walls in winter time.

Filoterra is the new range of DC inverter fan coils designed to be built into the floor, capable of generating a real air curtain that fully preserves the ambient temperature from any outside influences.

Compared with standard solutions already present on the market, Filoterra has more compact design and dimensions – all while maintaining the same power output.

With Filoterra, the diffusion of hot or cold air into the room is absolutely uniform, without any impact from outdoor conditions. Filoterra can integrate with existing floor heating systems to maintain a faster diffusion of consistent temperature throughout the room.


An innovative solution for high wall units, maximising floor space

Filomuro units are designed to be installed at high wall level, so as to have all year round comfort without any occupation of floor space. Filomuro is extremely slim, by far the slimmest in its category (only 128 mm), and a neat and elegant design which fits perfectly in any location.

With silent running and well balanced air flow, these units do not create any disturbance. The fan and controls are DC inverter controlled, for a perfect fine tuning of temperature without any fluctuation, and with extremely reduced power absorption.

Filomuro uses a wide touchscreen control panel, and also comes with a wireless remote control. Additional control panels are available for wall-mounted controls, or for connection with domestic systems (Ethernet protocols, WiFi and Modbus RTU).

Filomuro can also be installed in a low wall position, in order to have airflow directed to the floor.